Terrace Treasure

September 2021

Transform this old terrace house to encapsulate a modern and contemporary atmosphere.

At MattBuild Group, we were thrilled to have been involved in this home renovation to completely transform this dated terrace house into a modern and functional space for a family to enjoy. Our goal was to create a contemporary look whilst also maximising the existing layout of the house.

Extensive joinery was a key element of this renovation. We incorporated this high-quality joinery to the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms to provide ample storage space and special features that suited the family’s needs. 

The bathrooms became a focal point of this renovation, with unique tile configurations that made them stand out and added a touch of luxury to the space. From the fixtures to the finishes, every detail was carefully chosen to create a stylish and cohesive look.

Creating a comfortable and welcoming living space was crucial in this family home. We reconfigured the layout to include a formal lounge and a family entertainment room, as well as a kitchen/outdoor patio area for entertaining, improving the general ‘flow’ of the house.


Crafting a modern home whilst also maximising the existing layout of the house.

  • High-quality hardwood flooring throughout the house for a timeless look and durability

  • Extensive joinery in the kitchen, bedrooms, and bathrooms to maximise storage space and add unique features
  • Intricate tile configurations in the bathrooms to create a standout design
  • Formal lounge and family entertainment room that effortlessly flows into the kitchen and outdoor patio for easy entertaining
  • General ‘flow’ of the house is seamless and allows for comfortable and functional living spaces

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