Bayview Lilli Pilli

New Build
March 2023

Welcome to our latest project, a brilliantly executed family home that perfectly balances comfort and style.

Our clients wanted a light, bright, and playful space that could accommodate their growing family. Future-proofing was crucial, so we created ample space for each family member’s individuality to flourish.

To meet the clients’ vision, we focused on creating a home that was bright and spacious. Large windows flood the rooms with natural light, while a carefully chosen colour palette adds warmth. 

The thoughtful design approach ensures that the home not only meets the family’s current requirements but also continues to grow and evolve with them. The result is a stunningly designed space that effortlessly combines comfort, style, and playfulness, providing a haven for the entire family for years to come.


The attention to detail exhibited during the construction process ensured that the home was not only successful, but also of the highest quality.

  • The external façade features a horizontal weatherboard, which sets the tone for the interior spaces.

  • Shaker and v-groove profiles are used on all joinery front panels for added personality.

  • Natural rattan, tan leather, and oak timber veneer give the home a subtle coastal influence.

  • Brass tapware is used throughout the home for a cohesive and consistent feel.

  • Natural quartzite kitchen bench tops were chosen for their durability.

  • Handmade ceramic basins from a small company in Tasmania were used in each bathroom for a unique final touch.

FROM THE Architect

“At Innovate we are always up for a challenge! We set out to inject this huge home with as much character, charm, and warmth as possible.

Natural materials, textural elements and curvaceous shapes were our first point of call – the design unfolded quite organically from there.

 We were thrilled to see the design elements and spatial planning all marry seamlessly together exactly as we envisaged – a testament to the MattBuild team! The result was a large, modern family home which felt relaxed, cozy and snug at its core.”

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