Luxury Cost Effective Builds

Renovating a new or existing home

Renovating a home can involve anything from a simple paint job to a complete overhaul.

The first step is deciding what type of renovation you want to do and how much you are willing to spend. Here at MATTBUILD Group we take care of the process from start to finish. You may want to add extra space, upgrade the kitchen and bathrooms, update flooring and fixtures, or completely gut and remodel the home.


The Preliminary stage of the renovation process ensures we have the best foundations from the beginning.

We will provide an initial estimation based on draft construction drawings or a full tender if you have the DA/CDC approvals, Construction Drawings, Structural Drawings, Scope of Works and any other relevant Consultant Drawings. Both of these options will include an on-site meeting with one of our Directors to ensure we incorporate as much detail as possible. We will help to extract and create your vision, and provide a clear understanding of the desired result that you are wanting to achieve.

Watch your renovations develop with a clear understanding of its progress and expected results.

We guide you through the renovation construction process. A clear vision is provided of finishes for the design, build, landscaping, facades, and internal spaces, along with detailed explanations of the methods taken depending on the type of works. We coordinate all certification inspections required throughout the renovation and ensure your experience is enjoyable and stress-free. We pride ourselves on open communication, which includes regular site updates from the project manager, full transparency of schedules and on-site photos throughout. You will have access to your own project profile where all photos will be uploaded, along with a live financial summary to help you manage your finances during the renovation.

Once the renovation is complete, we enter the Aftercare Phase following practical completion.

The MATTBUILD Group reputation precedes us, and our service post renovation is second to none. The complex nature of building bespoke homes creates unique situations with every project. It is here we ensure that communication remains open, and our service is consistent during aftercare. Any maintenance post renovation will be managed by your dedicated Project Manager who has intimate knowledge of your build, including specific details of how it was built, and materials used. Our knowledge and close connection to your project ensures a first class and reliable service.

Appropriate maintenance is vital for keeping a property’s value intact.

After moving into your newly renovated home, there will be a list of what must be done to maintain its quality to the highest standard. However, not everyone has the time, patience and/or skills to allocate to this. While you may not see the effects of neglecting a couple of things immediately, there are many house maintenance tasks that can prove to be of critical importance in the long run. Our home maintenance services will ensure that everything is upheld to the highest quality, as they are customised to you, your house and its specific needs.