Extensions & Renovations
March 2021

The brief was to expand the house, using the block to its full capacity.

Firstly, we excavated under the house to create a new level, extending the two upper levels and a complete renovation throughout.

Being a corner block, this opened up the opportunity to get the necessary excavation machinery in under the house and remove all the rock. Once the new slab was poured the extension process of the two upper levels commenced.

Bracing of the three-storey high side brick walls was an essential step, as we stripped all the existing roof frames and installed the steel portal frames.


A variety of materials and finishes fuse together to create a homely feel.

  • Four bedrooms with the option of a 5th
  • A completely self-sufficient level on the lower ground floor including its own kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, lounge and dining room
  • Large bathrooms on all three levels
  • In-house laundry is hidden in joinery near the kitchen
  • City views of the Harbour Bridge and Sydney Tower
  • Courtyard with spiral stairs for mid-level access
  • In-floor heating
From The Client

There was no problem too big or too small for this team.

We were very fortunate we went with MATTBUILD Group for our major renovation that included excavation under the house. There was continuous communication throughout, lots of initiative within the design brief and we could follow the project as it progressed with just a lovely bunch of dedicated people. We would highly recommend this tech savvy team for their professional attitude before, during and after the renovation.

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