Arched Oasis

May 2023

The clients had a strong vision in mind for this Palm Springs Compound.

A paired back Mediterranean vibe with a desert coastal look like you would find in Palm Springs and Dubai.

Being a corner block, they wanted security, privacy and to utilise all of the available space.

The clients have a large and young family so durability was key from day one, they wanted beautiful finishes but ones that were going to last and not damage easily.

Working closely with both the architect and the designer using an abundance of curves, a warm colour palette and unique details enabled MATTBUILD Group to deliver an exceptional house that feels like a home.


Meticulous attention to detail ensured a successful and high-quality home.

  • Building a home requires meticulous attention to detail in order to ensure a successful and high-quality construction

  • The curved stone wall in the kitchen was clad with natural stone adding warmth and texture whilst complimenting the curved natural stone in the kitchen island bench, something very few stone masons and joiners can actually achieve
  • The inlay arches and batten detail in the joinery doors add subtle detail and so much interest to each space

  • The staircase is a major feature in the home with its handcrafted steel balustrade seamlessly blending with the oak treads
  • Another unique feature is the use of knotwood for the soffit linings and the balcony post. 

“We were adamant that we needed a builder that was going to be transparent, honest, and reliable, not just for the first few months but throughout the project and into the future.

We spent a significant amount of time with the architect, designer and Mattbuild on what our main needs and wants from the build were, which as I’ve come to realise was a unique opportunity in itself, as not all architects and builders are prepared to do this. 

We were in ongoing conversation about design considerations and importantly how each of our decisions would likely impact the forecasted costs and timeline, which allowed us to stay informed and make the best possible decisions.

Very early on in the project Mattbuild communicated to us the implications of each of the design elements in the home, of which there were many, this allowed us to make informed decisions and as a result we were able to achieve something very special. Features such as our French steel doors, rough cast render and curved walls were only possible because Mattbuild had long relationships with some of the best contractors in Sydney.

There are a lot of amazing features in our home, but what makes it truly unique is how each of these individual features tied together in a way that made the house feel like a home from day one.

Looking back on the journey there is nothing I would change, we were fortunate to work with a passionate, dedicated group of people who believed in each other and who genuinely cared about our family.”



“The clients have a large and young family so durability was key from day one, they wanted beautiful finishes but ones that were going to last and not damage easily.

The clients had a pretty strong vision in mind when we first met, they really loved the paired back Mediterranean vibe seen in interiors these days, but it was early on that we realised we would need to elevate this design direction to make it feel a little more special and unique for them.

Functionality and aesthetics were equally important to the clients, whilst every space had to look beautiful, it was imperative that every consideration was given to their daily lives and how they would use each space.”

We set out to merge the two styles together with the muted, warm colour palette seen throughout…the home feels incredibly harmonious because of this.

The level of detail and consideration given to every space, every piece of joinery and every finish was more than anything we have done before. 

There are a few key features in this project that were specific to this build. The first was the curved stone wall in the kitchen, the architect gave us so many beautiful spaces to work with and the curved wall was so fun to work with! Very early on we decided to clad this wall in a natural stone, the warmth and texture it adds to this space is amazing and to use a product that is traditionally only applied to straight walls was what made this truly unique.

The curved natural stone in the kitchen island was a huge feat, there are very few stone masons and joiners that can actually achieve this detail and when we designed the bench top – we were originally considering using engineered stone as it is easier to curve. We worked tirelessly with the trades to achieve the island detail and it is now the hero of the home.

The inlay arches and batten detail in the joinery doors throughout are one of my favourite design elements in this project, it was something we had never done before and the subtle detail adds so much interest to each space.

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