Birchgrove Balance

Extensions & Renovations
MAY 2021

A contrast of colours and style made for a unique home extension and renovation.

This particular brief primarily focused on maximising the use of available building space. A second goal was to maintain a degree of privacy for our clients. The third and final goal of the original brief was to make use of natural light to help create a new home that required minimal use of lighting during the day.

To re-build this inner-city terrace it required a high degree of diligence and care. With as tight access as possible, all building materials had to be taken in or out through the front door. MATTBUILD Group has experience working in tight conditions and this did not slow the progress of the project. A great part of this project was the extremely well detailed plans. This made the onsite works far easier than it could’ve been.

We then transformed the old home, creating a beautiful free flowing ground floor level. The open plan nature of the new design really gives you an amazing view from the moment that you walk through the front door. By extending the existing property, we were able to give our clients the 4 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms they required for their family. The front balcony and back balcony are great outdoor living areas, both unique and offering a quiet place to relax.


There were a few particular elements that really elevated this home renovation.

Firstly, the home was designed with a high level of sophistication from the architect. In conjunction with this, our clients great style pallet transformed the house into a unique home.

The side courtyard garden allows a great amount of natural light into the ground floor and sets the tone for the entire home. The tiles, fixtures and finishing’s of the home all ties in seamlessly creating a truly unique new home. Finally, the large steel bi-fold doors at the back of the home open smoothly onto the backyard for a blended outdoor feel.

  • Solid American oak timber flooring, stairs and stair screen
  • Balconies to both rear and front bedrooms on the first floor
  • Ducted AC with grills recessed into wall linings
  • Generous deck area with garden and lawn area to the backyard
  • Unique wallpaper designs to all bedroom feature walls
  • Steel bifold doors
  • Large kitchen with well-positioned island bench
From the Client

“From the very beginning, MATTBUILD were on the ball with planning, communication, and organisation.

Always with a ‘can-do’ attitude, the team were always helpful, always professional, and great at communicating progress and what was coming up. We were left with an amazing home that was delivered on time, on budget, and more beautiful than we could have ever imagined.”

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