Cronulla Home Renovation


Our team here at MATTBUILD Group, worked hard to ensure this Cronulla home renovation project was completed to the highest standard. The kitchen was next and the client was delighted with the choice of cabinetry, appliances and bench top. The end result is a fresh and modern look for the home. The kitchen, bathroom and flooring all work in harmony with the rest of the house. From the initial brief to the final result, the client is extremely pleased with the outcome. The flooring, kitchen and bathroom are more than just functional, they are a true testament to our teams hard work and expertise. MATTBUILD Group takes pride in providing a quality service and in this case, we have achieved a beautiful result.

At MATTBUILD Group, we are passionate about building and have been delivering exceptional homes across Sydney for many years. Our success is driven by our commitment to providing custom building solutions tailored to our clients’ requests. We specialise in home building, but also offer renovation and extension services, allowing us to breathe new life into existing structures. Our building services demonstrate our passion and commitment to delivering an exceptional end result every time.

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