Guest house/garage conversion in Centennial Park, Sydney


MATTBUILD Group are home renovation and garage conversion experts. The backyard of this project was quite spacious. This was perfect as it allowed us room to work our magic and create something truly unique. Based in the heart of Sydney, this garage conversion proved to be a rewarding build!

For this garage conversion there were two primary objectives. Firstly, to utilise all of the available garage space. The second, to build a fully functional and modern guest house above the garage. As experienced builders we knew that we’d have to be strategic in our planning to achieve these objectives on schedule. At MATTBUILD Group, one of our core beliefs is that close partnerships are the key to building excellence. We worked closely with the home owners to deliver them their dream guest house.

For this garage conversion, MATTBUILD Group focused on maximising the garage to its fullest potential. We begun by removing the existing roof. This allowed us the freedom to extend the back wall and raise the new roof line! These simple two steps are what allowed us to build an upstairs level in the garage.

At MATTBUILD Group we are meticulous in our planning and building execution. With no expenses spared this classy guest house tied in perfectly with the elegant style of the main house. The garage floor has room for two cars, a caravan, bikes and other camping gear. The downstairs level also hosts a laundry and an internal set of stairs that lead up to the guest house. The guest house includes a bedroom, kitchenette, combined dining/living room and a bathroom. Through attention to detail and excellent time management we were able to deliver our clients their dream guest house.

The key features of this garage extension included;

  • Zinc Roofing
  • Spotting Gum Flooring
  • V-Joint Panel Ceilings
  • Timber Windows

Our passion and commitment to deliver exceptional results is reflected in our building services. Whether it’s a new home build, a renovation or an extension, we take great pride in transforming an old, well-loved structure into something vibrant and new. Contact our team today at or call (02) 9545 1712.